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Cosmic alchemy

Cosmic alchemy

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Cosmic alchemy, also referred to as Millettarian hermeticism, Astroalchemy, or Astronic hermeticism, is the tradition of hermetic practices and hermeticism within the context of Astronism and is often also described as astronomical hermeticism due to the astronomical theme that is attributed to this form of hermetic practices. Cosmic alchemy can be considered the result of the astronisation of hermetic beliefs and practices.  

Cosmic alchemy is essentially predicated upon the notion that The Cosmos exists as both a physical, spiritual, and intellectual entity and that a series of mysteries exist as part of it that humanity is destined to discover through practicing hermeticism.  

The ultimate goal of cosmic alchemy is to achieve the astronomical elixir which is a mystical object or piece of knowledge about The Cosmos that can only be discovered through the exploration of The Cosmos. There is considered to exist many elixirs throughout The Cosmos and they are to be discovered by those practicing cosmic alchemy, known as astroalchemists, or cosmochemists.  

That which is to be known as a cosmic relic refers to the notion that we as humans are made of elements that have all originated from the cores of stars from billions of years ago. Therefore, we ourselves can be considered cosmic relics and in cosmic alchemic writings, this is the term that is most often used in relation to humans individually and humanity as a whole.  

Its practitioners, known as astroalchemists or Astronic hermeticists.    

Associated terms are cosmo-alchemic which relates to the practices, beliefs, and traditions of cosmic alchemy; a related term being cosmo-alchemical.     

  • Witnessment - witnessing the progeny and phenomena of The Cosmos with their own vision.      
  • Experiment - testing and demonstrating a fact witnessed or discovered about The Cosmos.     
  • Discoverment - discovering the progeny and phenomena of The Cosmos.