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This article is about a non-fiction entity related to the Astronist belief system or the Astronic tradition.
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The term cosmism refers to either:

  • belief in space exploration as the solemn destiny of the human species. See also returnism.
  • a person's lifetime, especially as this pertains to the degree of scope a person has fulfilled.
  • belief that the Astran force proceeds as intervenience of The Divine to influence the affairs of all sentient and sapient beings.

The capitalised term Cosmism is:

  • the Astronist movement based on the concept of The Cosmos as an animate, natural wholeness of existence, occupies the role of determining the order, nature, pattern and structure of events that occur within it and that mystical union with The Cosmos is a righteous religious goal based on the notion of cosmism itself. See Cosmism (religious philosophy).
  • (often Russian cosmism) a Russian philosophical movement of 19th century origin led by Nikolai Fyodorov and others, based on the concept of using science and technology to achieve traditional religious goals (such as resurrection of the dead).
  • an alternative appellation for Astronism.
  • an Astronist artistic and cultural movement formed on the basis that The Cosmos should be more widely depicted and focused upon as a subject of artistic expression in both modern and classical formats.

Related also is the demonym cosmist which may be used to denote any of the following:

  • A follower of Astronism; an Astronist.
  • A believer in cosmism.
  • A follower of the Astronist religious philosophy of Cosmism.
  • A follower of Russian cosmism.
  • A follower of the broader Space Philosophy Movement (SPM).