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The Dedication of Cometan by David Young completed on 29th April 2021.

For the 2021 art piece depicting this event, see The Dedication of Cometan.

The Dedication of Cometan, also known as the Great Dedication, or simply the Dedication, was an incumbential event in the life of Cometan that occurred at the stroke of midnight on 1st July 2016, the day of Cometan's eighteenth birthday, thus signalling his entry into adulthood. The event also heralded the beginning of The Year of Expansion as the fourth year in the era of The Founding of Astronism, making it the first incumbential event to be recorded in that annual life period. It succeeded the event of the Death of Irene Mary Taylor and preceded the Ideations at the Royal Albert Hall. The Dedication of Cometan has been designated especial status by the Astronist Institution.

Description of the event

At the stroke of midnight, as Cometan turned eighteen, he recalled as having knelt beside his window and look upwards to the astral night sky and officially bound himself to the founding, establishment, and dissemination of Astronism. This event was instrumental to Cometan’s determination in truly founding Astronism and it has been affirmed by the Astronist Institution that this singular event acted as the basis for the thousands of ideations that came to Cometan and all the other religious and philosophical experiences he recorded for years following in The Founding of Astronism era.


In Astronist art, the Dedication of Cometan was the first incumbential event to be depicted through a dedicated piece of art, thus demonstrating its enormity and importance in Astronism’s development. It's depiction came in the form of David Young's 2021 piece The Dedication of Cometan.

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