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Denominology is the dispositional discipline of Astronism dealing with the study of the diversity of the denominations of Astronism, their interactions, differences in beliefs and practice, as well as their relationships to Institutional Astronism.

Denominological study investigates the popularity of certain denominations, the forms of Astronist practice and tradition characteristic of those denominations, as well as the significance of denominations in relation to Astronism itself.

Astronist denominations

Main article: Denominations of Astronism

A denomination of Astronism is classified as a form of Astronism characteristic of a particular region or ethnic group that interpreted Astronism in way that often corresponds to Institutional Astronism but may also hold differences due to the effects of syncretisation.

Astronist sect

Main article: Sect of Astronism

A sect of Astronism is classified as a religious organisation that does not seek recognition and nor is it recognised by The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism as the omnidoxically-decreed proprietor of Astronism. Despite this, the sect still considers Astronism to be its mother religion.

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