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The Divine

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Depadotheism, also interchangeably known as depadism, is a form of theology denying that God (referred to as The Divine in Astronism) holds the same feelings that humans do and as such, plays no role in morality and is understood as only having a creator and sustainer role. It states that religions that proclaim God to be merciful, angry, empathetic and loving are lowering Divine nature and are attempting to anthropomorphise God to suit human insecurities about the incomprehensibility of God.

Depadotheism originated from the Astronic cosmology formed by Cometan in which it is stated that the nature of God is fundamentally merciless, non-empathic, and neutrally cold or simply without any comprehensible emotions. It is a form of theology that is especially used in order to contrast the nature of God and the existence God has created (The Cosmos) from that of human nature.

To say that The Divine exists as the answer to the uncaused first cause theory is one notion, but to say that The Divine (or God) intimately interacts with humanity is an entirely different notion with a myriad of significance differences and subsequences for belief.