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Derrick Taylor (August 12, 1930 – November 26, 2011), known in Astronism both by his mononym Pacosmeran and by the title Derrick, grandfather of Cometan, sometimes erroneously given as Derek Taylor, was a Traditionalist Catholic, locutionist and the paternal grandfather of Cometan.

Post-corporeally, Derrick Taylor became known as have experienced interior locutions during his life in which he had direct communications with God. As such, his grandson Cometan fashioned him the epithets Derrick the Locutionist, Derrick the Locutor, or simply the Locutor or the Locutionist.

Light a Candle for Me

In February 1995, Derrick Taylor participated in an interview with the Sceptre Bulletin during which he detailed the religious and spiritual aspects of his life.

Recognition in the Catholic Church

This table provides a chronology of the process by which Derrick Taylor is recognised in the Catholic Church.

Process of recognition in the Catholic Church
Event Date of occurrence Notes
Cause for Recognition 20th October 2021 Cometan launches a campaign to have his grandfather Derrick Taylor recognised in the Catholic Church. This is most accurately understood as intent to launch a cause, not yet formally recognised by the Catholic Church.


This table provides a chronology of illustrations depicting Irene Mary Taylor, Cometan and Derrick Taylor.

Overview of illustrations
Person Illustrations
Catholic & Cosmic The Lost Shrine The Locutions Bliss Absolute
Irene Mary Taylor Featured Featured
Cometan Featured Featured
Derrick Taylor Featured

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