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Forms of Millettism

Main forms
Devotional (Devotology)
General forms

Cosmic Devotion · Mutual devotion

Specific forms

Retination · Stardance · Starsleeping · Astrophotography

Physical and mental
Astration · Astromeditation

Revelatory, intellectual and philosophic
Personal inspiration · Indrucy · Astrologue · Debatation

Activities (Occurrology)



Intosy · Panosy

Public, sopharial or phrontisterial

Astronomy tourism · Cosmogosy · Phrontistas · Starball · Philosophic tourism · Sempition · Orreration · Holographic show

Festivals and events
Starlight Festival (Stellara · Kintana · The Starlight Council) · Starlight social · Astrofair · Astroprom · Stargazing · Starguild · Starparty · Theatrosy

Either individual, private or public

Astronomical observation · Astrocrafts · Astroexercise · Starbathing · Stardown · Starjam · Starnight · Starwalk · Sungrazing · Philosophers' camp

Main terms
Modes of Philosophicity · Astrosy · Umism · Astral therapy · Occurrosy · Philosophical therapy · Starblind · Stardrench · Starfade · Stardress · Starfast · Starless · Star-roof · Starroom · Starseeker · Starsilence · Starspot · Starspring · Starsurge · Startrap · Starward · Nyctogenous · Diurgenous
Belief orientations
Anti-Institutionism · Prosubscriptionism
Subdisciplines of study
Devotology · Festology · Verontology · Avicinology

Devotology is the dispositional discipline of Astronism dealing with all devotional practices involved with Astronism and especially the relation between devotional practices and Astronist beliefs.

Devotologists are principally concerned with exploring existing devotional practices as distinct from activities and occurrological practices. Devotions in Astronism are split into different forms, namely general and specific as well as physical and mental or revelatory, intellectual and philosophic.

General forms of devotion[]

Cosmic devotion[]

Main article: Cosmic devotion

Mutual devotion[]

Main article: Mutual devotion

Specific forms of devotion[]


Main article: Retination


Main article: Stardance

Physical and mental forms of devotion[]


Main article: Astration


Main article: Astromeditation

Revelatory, intellectual and philosophic forms of devotion[]

Personal inspiration[]

Main article: Personal inspiration


Main article: Indrucy


Main article: Astrologue


Main article: Debatation

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