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In Astronism, a doctrine is a prescribed belief whose essence is regarded as righteous or justified but not incontrovertible; that its essence is instead ambiguous and its details may be subject to change as future knowledge and argument emerges. This is contrasted with a dogma.

An Astronist doctrine differs from a dogma in that the doctrine as it is prescribed need not be true for the Astronist system to function, but this is certainly not the same as saying it isn't true. Essentially, a dogma is indispensable to Astronism while a doctrine is dispensable in the functioning of the Astronist systems. Doctrines and dogmas, however, do share the characteristic of being variously applicable and whose details are controvertible and ambiguous.

Comparison of dogma and doctrine

Dogma and doctrine comparison
Belief type Essence Details Dispensability
Dogma Incontrovertible Controvertible and ambiguous Indispensable
Doctrine Controvertible Controvertible and ambiguous Dispensable

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