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This article is about the fictional Spacefaring World of the Jesse Millette franchise.
However, some elements of this article may be in reference to the non-fictional beliefs held
within Astronism which should be indicated wherever relevant.

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Ellena Chadwell is a British fictional character first introduced in the mystery book series known as The Original Jesse Millette Series, written by British philosopher and author, Cometan, as the main love interest of the protagonist, Jesse Millette. Ellena is often regarded as the deuteragonist of The Original Series behind Jesse and in front of Oliver Mehler who is often considered to be the tritagonist.

She is categorised as one of The Five Millettarian Characters and is considered the pinnacle depiction of ultra-femininity in Millettarian culture. Her depictions in art vary widely with greater emphasis sometimes placed on the sensuality of her body, while others place more focus on the extravagance and grandeur of her clothing which is often ordained in the High Cosma ornamentation style.

Ellena is classified as an effigy in the context of Astronism. She is mentioned concentratively in different segments of the Omnidoxy, particularly with the introduction of Millettarian mystology.



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