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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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The Epitaph of Astronism is a phrase of significance to Astronist beliefs that developed post-omnidoxically and is of Cometanic origin. It emerged as part of Cometan's Quest for the Ultimation which is a subera that begin in the latter years of The Founding of Astronism, crossed over and ended during the early years of The Establishment of Astronism era.

"The Cosmos is limitation and cosmosis is the ultimation; the freedom to achieve our limitations."

The Epitaph of Astronism refers to the notion that the goal of the life of Astronist is to reach our limitation.

Limitation philosophy

Main article: Limitation philosophy

Out of the development of the Epitaph of Astronism came the emergence of what is known as limitation philosophy. Limitation philosophy is a branch of philosophy of Cometanic origin focusing on the notion that there exists multiple approaches to limitation and that reaching one's limitation is the achievement of freedom.