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Not to be confused with Existentiality (instrument of study).

Existentiality is a term common to Astronist philosophy that is used to refer to a variety of questions, concerns, and facets of study and philosophical contemplation, all of which centre on the topic of existential purpose. Essentially, existentiality denotes the quest for understanding both individual existential purpose and collective existential purpose.

Existentiality took a central role in the development of Astronist philosophy in a post-omnidoxical setting when Cometan began to outline the term astronality and its own central role in Astronism, particularly in the Astronist worldview. As such, it was understood that the astronomical world was the source of discovering, comprehending, and manifesting existentiality, a spiritual branch of which developed into astrospirituality. As a result, Astronism became structured on the notion that both individual and collective existential purpose were to be realised through the astronomical world as the source of existential purpose and thus guided by a cosmocentric worldview.