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The family of Cometan encompasses the entire group of individuals who are related to Cometan, either blood relatives or relatives through marriage. The study of Cometan's family is conducted as part of Cometanology and includes three major segments, Cometan's kindred (those whom are alive to meet Cometan or close to him in the family tree), Cometan's ancestry, and Cometan's descendants.

The kindred of Cometan is further divided into the family members of Cometan and the relatives of Cometan. Cometan's family members are those individuals in Cometan's immediate family (e.g. his parents, grandparents, stepparents, his partner, and siblings). The relatives of Cometan are those individuals who are still close to Cometan in the family tree, but are not considered part of his immediate family (this generally includes aunts and uncles, great-aunts and great-uncles, step-siblings, and cousins).

The ancestry of Cometan is also divided into two main segments. The first are simply referred to as ancestors of Cometan. This includes individuals as far back as the fourth generation retrograde whom are the great great-grandparents of Cometan. The second segment of ancestors are classified as distant ancestors which includes any person from the fifth generation retrograde or earlier.

The descendants of Cometan, also known as the descendantry, mainly includes the children of Cometan, son-in-laws/daughter-in-laws, and the nieces and nephews of Cometan. Descendants of Cometan are split into immediate descendants and distant descendants, the former category includes those descendants within the first and second generation prograde.

Note that in articles and pages about the family of Cometan, not all individuals in Cometan's family are made publicly known due to privacy preferences of certain members.

Outline of the Family of Cometan

Kindred of Cometan

Main page: Kindred of Cometan

Family members of Cometan

  • Louise J. Counsell
  • Sean Frederick Taylor

Relatives of Cometan

  • Monica Anne Bolton

Ancestry of Cometan

Main page: Ancestry of Cometan

Ancestors of Cometan

  • Henry Warbrick

Distant ancestors of Cometan

  • Ralph Moon
  • Agnes Taylor

Descendants of Cometan

Main page: Descendants of Cometan