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Forms of Astronism

Forms of Millettism


Primary forms
Dispositional · Philosophical · Practical · Religious · Theoretical

Other forms
Empirical · Hyper-Astronism · Hypo-Astronism · Rational · Spiritual

Temporal Astronism
Historical · Contemporary · Postcursory
Levels of Orthodoxy
Ultra-Orthodox · Orthodox · Heterodoxical · Proto-Orthodox · Liberal · Institutional
Omnidoxical Astronism
Traditionalisation · Detraditionalisation · Gynocentric · Social · Retronism · Uninspired · Astronism proper · Commercial
Folk Astronism
Superstitious · Folk medicine · Veridicalism · Ritualism · Ethnic · Unrecognised · Contradictionism · Pre-Astronism
Heterodoxical Astronism
Anti-Institutionism · Prosubscriptionism

African traditional religions · Aristotelianism · Bábism · Bahá'í Faith · Bon · Buddhism · Caodaism · Catholicism · Cheondoism · Christianity · Confucianism · Druze · Environmentalism · Falun Gong · Feminism · Gnosticism · Hedonism · Hermeticism · Hinduism · Humanism ·

Ibadism · Islam · Jainism · Judaism · Kantianism · Legalism · Mahayana · Meivazhi ·Muism · Neopaganism · New Thought · Orthodoxy · Platonism · Protestantism ·

Rastafarianism · Shaivism · Shaktism · Shenism · Shiism · Sikhism · Smartism · Spiritism · Sufism · Sunnism · Taoism · Tengerism · Theravada · Transhumanism · Vaishnavism · Vajrayana · Vietnamese folk religion · Voodoo · Western esotericism · Wicca · Yazdânism · Zoroastrianism

Circumstantial forms
Scientific · Prison · Disoptical · Military · Hospital · Workplace · Urban · Rural · Embassy · Stately · Home · Solitary · Engaged · Secular · Digital

The Forms of Astronism, also referred to as the Levels of Astronism, or the Layers of Astronism, is an appellation that collectivises all the different ways in which Astronism has manifested itself in different parts of societies around the world either being influenced by The Omnidoxy, or by extraomnidoxical forces. The main form headings include omnidoxical, folk, heterodoxical, syncretic forms, as well as the many minor forms.

In addition, there exists a scale used to determine the extent to which a group or set of beliefs is orthodox or not; this scale is known as the Levels of Orthodoxy and stretches from Liberal Astronism to Ultra-Orthodox Astronism. This scale remains a helpful tool in determining the characteristics of different groups to categorise them in comparison to others.

Astronism can also be considered according to its four primary existential forms, known as Philosophical Astronism, Theoretical Astronism, Practical Astronism, and Dispositional Astronism.

Under these different headings comes a variety of belief orientations, concepts, and processes involving how Astronism has formed in different types of communities as interpreted by the individuals of those communities.

Primary forms

Philosophical Astronism

Main article: Philosophical Astronism

Theoretical Astronism

Main article: Theoretical Astronism

Practical Astronism

Main article: Practical Astronism

Dispositional Astronism

Main article: Dispositional Astronism

Temporal Astronism

Historical Astronism

Main article: Historical Astronism

Contemporary Astronism

Main article: Contemporary Astronism

Postcursory Astronism

Main article: Postcursory Astronism

Levels of Orthodoxy

Ultra-Orthodox Astronism

Main article: Ultra-Orthodox Astronism

Orthodox Astronism

Main article: Orthodox Astronism

Heterodoxical Astronism

Main article: Heterodoxical Astronism

Proto-Orthodox Astronism

Main article: Proto-Orthodox Astronism

Liberal Astronism

Main article: Liberal Astronism

Institutional Astronism

Main article: Institutional Astronism

Omnidoxical Astronism

Main article: Omnidoxical Astronism

Omnidoxical Astronism refers to a category of the Forms of Astronism that focuses on the manifestations of Astronism that have arisen in the name of The Omnidoxy, were directly mentioned within or supported by The Omnidoxy, or the types of Astronism that have been acknowleged by the Millettarian Tradition. Essentially, Omnidoxical Astronism encompasses all forms of Astronism that are in direct alignment with the Millettarian Tradition.



Folk Astronism

Main article: Folk Astronism

Folk Astronism refers to a major branch of the Forms of Astronism encompassing the manifestations of Astronism that have arisen in local communities which are distinct from the official form of the philosophy as expounded by The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism. Forms of Folk Astronism are characterised by their subjective natures as they manifest as interpreted forms of the philosophy by individuals or local communities as distinguished from organised denominations and schools of thought.


Heterodoxical Astronism

Main article: Heterodoxical Astronism

Heterodoxical Astronism is a minor branch of the Forms of Astronism encompassing the manifestations of the philosophy that are intentionally and directly in opposition to the beliefs and concepts expounded by The Institution. The two main belief orientations within Heterodox Astronism include anti-Institutionism and prosubscriptionism, the former of which involves any opposition to the omnidoxically-ascribed roles, authority, and functions of The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism.



Main article: Syncretisms, List of Astronist syncretisms

Syncretisms of The Philosophy of Millettism is a major category of the Forms of Astronism including all instances in which Astronism has either naturally or parenically merged with another philosophy, ideology, or religion.

Circumstantial forms

Circumstantial forms of Astronism, also referred to as minor forms, is a category of the Forms of Astronism includes a variety of different instances in which the philosophy may manifest itself, typically within different societal institutions.


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