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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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The founding figures of Astronism is a classification of individuals who were considerably close to Cometan during the era of The Founding of Astronism and who had varying levels of influence over the founding of the religion.

Not to be confused with the rank of the Foundership of Astronism, to be classified as a founding figure means to have contributed in some way to the development of Astronism as there were many people close to Cometan during the era of The Founding of Astronism that were not classified as founding figures due to their lack of direct contribution to the religion's founding and early developments.

To date, there are only three individuals considered to be founding figures and these include Cosma (Cometan's partner), Lyra (Cometan's mother), and Astria (one of Cometan's sister). These three women were ascribed with their own religious mononyms to demonstrate their roles as founding figures within the religion.

Similarly ascribed as the establishment figures of Astronism which are individuals who made significant contributions to Astronism during the era of The Establishment of Astronism.