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Disciplines of study
Aidology · Aidological ethics · Gaianology · Revology
Main concepts
Belief orientations within abettology
Omnidoxical rubrals of abettology

1. Abettological Introduction

2. The Preservation of The Cosmos

3. Introduction to Aidology

4. The Biotist Approach to Medicine & Narcotics

5. The Contemplations of The Gaia

6. The Foundings of Religions

7. Introduction to the Elements of Millettarian Symbology

8. Introduction to the Elements of Millettarian Architecture

9. Introduction to the Elements of Millettarian Propaganda

10. Introduction to Pre-Omnidoxical Millettarian Theories

11. Introduction to the Elements of Millettarian Art

12. Introduction to the Elements of Civicology

13. Introduction to the Elements of Millettarian Ornamentation & Ornamentation Theory

14. Introduction to the Elements of Millettarian Rendition & Rendition Theory

15. Introduction to the Elements of Orrology

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Astronist ethics · Outline of Astronism · Tridoxy · Cosmic philosophy · History of Astronism · Disciplines of Astronism

Gaianology is the discipline of study within abettology dealing with the notion of the spirituality of The Earth and The Earth as the spiritual centre of humanity.

The Gaia

The Gaia - the spirituality or spiritual essence or spiritual form of the planet Earth.

Gaia philosophy

Gaia philosophy - encompasses the entire body of works and discussions taking place in relation to the role and nature of The Earth’s spirituality, humanity’s relationship with and to The Earth, and most importantly and now herein introduced, the contemplation of the role of The Earth in The Cosmos, especially in relation to the Millettarian cosmology and other related concepts and theories.

Astronic gaianism encompasses the belief in the sacredness and holiness of cosmic entities and holds an interesting classification because despite the fact that it is omnidoxically introduced here, it actually is considered to be a separate sister philosophy to The Philosophy of Millettism and there is to be much further developed post-omnidoxically as a result of this classification, however, due to its omnidoxical introduction, this demonstrates the interest and curiosity that Astronism holds with the ideas that reside within gaianism so much so as to create a version of gaianism that is Astronic in its character and theme.

Homeworld - the notion that even though humanity is destined to leave The Earth, it shall remain humanity’s point of origin, or humanity’s home.

Earth - means home in Astronism.

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