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The Ghost of Billy Brierley is a ghost sighting by Hilda Warbrick, the grandmother of Cometan, that occurred in the village of Higher Walton during the winter of 1953. Years later, Hilda relayed the story to Cometan during Cometan’s study into his ancestry.

Hilda had visited her friend Lorna to make dresses for their upcoming trip to Blackpool and by the time she left her friend’s home at around 9pm, it was a dark, starry night and the thin layer of snow on the ground was swirling on the road. Hilda walked down Hawthorne Avenue and turned right onto Hoghton Lane heading towards the centre of Higher Walton village to get back to her house 35 Church Terrace. 

Although there is now a school and many other houses built, in 1953, they were not there and there were no houses between the end of Hawthorne Avenue and the beginning of a row of terrace houses where Kathleen Mary Ferrier, a contralto singer, was born. 

Hilda was walking alone along Hoghton Lane towards Higher Walton and had just passed the final terrace house when, in the distance, she saw a figure running but the strange aspect was that he was running up the middle of the road on the cat eyes from the beginning of Hilda’s witness of him. At this stage, Hilda believed it was a grown man which initially frightened her because she was alone and it was dark. Hilda hesitated for a moment and wondered whether she return back up the avenue. However, she didn’t do that and instead kept walking. 

Hilda kept her eyes on the figure and first noticed his outfit. The figure was wearing knee socks and shorts like a schoolboy and it was at this point that Hilda realised that it was a boy, not a man. Hilda described him as looking like a real person in colour and with skin the same as in reality. The strangest part of the figure’s clothing was that he was wearing a metal grill like a cricketer so Hilda couldn’t see his face. He was running with his arms raising up and down. 

Hilda was relieved that it was just a boy, but she was still petrified. Hilda saw the figure for minutes rather than just seconds between the time he appeared around the corner and the time he disappeared. As the figure reached Hilda (she was still on the pavement and he was in the middle of the road), she said “good night” as a way to settle her own words. However, the figure did not reply, did not look at Hilda, did not acknowledge her at all. Just as the figure passed her, Hilda turned around straight away, but the figure had disappeared. He couldn’t run up Hawthorne Avenue because it was too far and she would have seen him he had continued up the road. Hilda rushed home immediately. 

Some time later, Hilda remembered that a young boy named William “Billy” Brierley had died sometime earlier from pneumonia and had lived in a cottage of a row of cottages now 112 on Hoghton Lane (A675).