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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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In Astronist futurology, the Great Departation is a post-omnidoxical Cometanic term relating to the prophecy that the moment spacefaring is made available to the masses, a great many people will leave The Earth for a life of spacefaring. The Great Departation involves the culmination of the cosmocentric mentality and the completion of a society's astronisation and its oriented on astrocentricity.

The Great Departation remains an important eschatological prophecy as it pertains to the destiny and future of humanity from an idealistic Astronist perspective. The occurrence of the Great Departation is considered to be an inevitability of the sentience possessed by humanity as well as by humanity's existential purpose.

Astronist philosophy[]

The Great Departation is important to the fulfilment of the beliefs within Astronism, especially regarding astrocentricity. This is because the Great Departation is the principal sign of the fulfilment of the Astronist ideals for humanity. It also signifies the initiation of the Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos to the masses.

In fiction[]

From its outset in The Original Jesse Millette Series, the spacefaring world was predicated on the circumstances entailed in the Great Departation prophecy. The spacefaring world begins with this prophecy coming true and explores the various realistic circumstances of the manifestation of such a prophecy.

In the spacefaring world, The Earth is characterised as a utopia in the beginning decades of the Great Departation and is characterised by dystopia in the decades following.

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