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The only surviving image of Jane Turner, the great-grandmother of Cometan, holding the hand of her daughter Hilda (left). Distributed by Cometanica. Owned by the Millettarian Photographic Institute. Media Code: COA017.

The Great Heaven Vision, also known as Jane's Deathbed Vision, is a religious vision that Cometan's maternal great-grandmother, Jane Cottam, is recorded as having experienced on her deathbed. It was relayed to Cometan by his grandmother, Hilda, to whom the story was told by her own father, Richard. It took place at 35 Church Terrace, Higher Walton, Lancashire, sometime during February or early March 1942.

The vision entailed Jane's witnessing of William F. McKerney, who was Cometan's great great-grandfather on his paternal side. The McKerney family and the Cottam family knew of each other because members of each family resided in the same village of Higher Walton which is why Hilda Warbrick and Irene Mary Taylor, Cometan's two grandmothers, both knew each other before Cometan was conceived to connect them by blood.

William F. McKerney was the grandfather of Irene Mary Taylor and he had passed away just a few months prior in November 1941. Jane knew of William from the village, but wasn't especially close to him. Jane was on her deathbed, dying from the illness tuberculosis, for which no cure had then yet been found. She recalled to her husband Richard that she could see William in the distance as clear as reality itself and he was calling to her. She said that behind him was a blinding light.

She recorded that she had heard William call to her saying "not to worry about dying" because "it is wonderful over here" in reference to heaven. The next time her husband Richard came to check on her, Jane told him what she had experienced and which was later relayed to their daughter Hilda. Jane Cottam, the great-grandmother of Cometan, died on 9th March 1942.

The Astronist Institution has since classified this vision as one of the Cometanic ancestral apparitions and refers to it as the Great Heaven Vision.