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A visualisation of the Great Triune.

The Great Triune is a post-omnidoxical Meta-Astronist theory of Cometanic origin acting as the principal structural conception regarding the organisation and interrelation between Astronism, Astronarianism, and Cometanism.

The Great Triune states that there exists Astronism and two branches of Astronism that are codependent, coequal, and consubstantial to one another; these are Astronarianism and Cometanism.

In this Triunal conception, Astronism is considered as the philosophical and religious basis upon which the ideological and political branch (Astronarianism) as well as the ethical, social, and relational branch (Cometanism) are predicated.

Extensions and variants

Great Quadune consisting of Astronism, Astronarianism, Cometanism, and Jessianism.

Great Quadune

The first major extension to the Great Triune concept came in the form of the Great Quadune which is known to have emerged about only a month or so after the original Great Triune.

The Great Quadune developed out of Cometan's contemplations regarding the role of the fictional character of Jesse Millette as an effigy and its relationship to mainly Astronarianism and Cometanism. With this, an artistic style and ideological representation formed into what became known as Jessianism which represented any existence of Millettarian and Spacefaring world characters in the context of Astronarianism and Astronism itself.

In the visualisation of the Great Quadune, Jessianism is placed in the lowest position to demonstrate its inferiority with two out-facing arrows projecting from both Astronarianism and Cometanism. Of importance is the fact that the arrows are one way facing towards Jessianism to signify that Jessianism is an outlet for Cometanist and Astronarian ideas to be projected rather than an ideology in and of itself. Also of importance is the fact that Jessianism resides at the furthest position from Astronism itself to signify the distanced relationship between the two and Astronarianism and Cometanism as the main utilisers of the Jesse effigy.

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