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Henry “Harry” Prescott (December 28, 1887 – January 15, 1939) was an English soldier of the Great War and the maternal great great-uncle of Cometan. Although Harry survived the war, he fell terribly ill upon returning home due to gas poisoning and passed away at the age of fifty-two. 

Harry’s wife was named Alice Prescott (1894 – 1987) whom he married in December 1922 and with whom had two daughters named Rita (b. 30th November 1923) and Marie (b. 20th June 1926). Harry was the older brother of Mary Warbrick, Teresa Blackledge and Ellen Livesey and the younger brother of Anne Prescott, Jim Prescott, James Prescott and Thomas Prescott.

The probate of Harry’s estate was reached on 30th June 1939 with his effects adding up to £730 and is known to have been living on Town Lane, Whittle-le-Woods.