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The Hendecadoxy

The original cover of The Hendecadoxy created by Cometan.

Part of a series on the



1. Introduction to Quillitology

2. The Philosophisation of Acceptance

3. The Study of Peace

4. The Venatic & The Eulearic

5. Further Contributions to Astronic Thanatology & Astronic Supernaturalism

6. Meteorological Devotion

7. Astronomical Commemoration

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The Hendecadoxy, also appellated as The Penultimation, and known by its trade title as The Hendecadoxy: The Principles of Peace & Acceptance, or also referred to as the Eleventh Disquisition, is the eleventh and second to last disquisition within the treatise of the Omnidoxy, preceding the twelfth disquisition known as the Dodecadoxy.