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Henry Moon (September 1753 – August 28, 1808 or July 17, 1808) was the 5th great-grandfather of Cometan, classified as one of Cometan’s distant maternal ancestors in the Prescott family line. Born in Eccleston, Henry was baptised at St Mary the Virgin Church in Eccleston on 7th October 1753 and is known to have married a lady named Ann Fish there on 29th September 1776, but also looks to have had a second ceremony at St Andrew’s in Leyland on 1st October 1776 for some unknown reason, perhaps for Ann’s family from Leyland who couldn’t travel.

He is known to have had six children, including Ralph Moon (1778 – 1859) whom connects Henry to Cometanic ancestry. Henry is recorded as having lived until the age of fifty-four in Eccleston, Lancashire. There are conflicting dates of death for Henry. Either he died on 28th August 1808 or 17th July, or was buried on 17th July 1808 and died sometime prior.

In Cometanic ancestry, Henry is classified as part of the 7th generation retrograde, thus categorising him as an ancestor of Cometan.