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The original cover for The Hexadoxy, solely authored by Cometan as the sixth instalment of The Omnidoxy.

Part of a series on the

The Grand Centrality


1. The Millettarian Ontology

2. Uniquitarian Philosophy, Ontations & Ontometry

3. The Philosophy of Perception

4. Philosophic Strategy

5. Philosophical, Religious & Ideological Ontology

6. Philosophical Morphology & Millettic/Astronic Etymology

7. The Institutional Leadership

8. Institutional Ontology

9. Conceptual Theory

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The Hexadoxy, known by its trade title as The Hexadoxy: The Principles of Ontology & Perception, and also referred to the Sixth Disquisition, is the sixth disquisition of The Omnidoxy authored by Cometan that formulates the Millettic approach and understanding to the subject of ontology, or the nature of being, as well as the functions and applicabilities of perception.