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The Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos, also referred to as the Grand Exploration of The Cosmos, is the appellation for one of the main concepts in Astronism that is synonymous with the first of The Seven Tenets of Association. The Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos concept is primarily predicated on the notion that humanity's exploration, discovery, colonisation, and civilisation of different planets other than The Earth in The Cosmos is not only imminent, but is being put into motion now by the efforts of passionate individuals and start-up companies that Millettism wholly supports.

The Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos determines the main role for humanity in The Cosmos according to The Philosophy of Millettism as being a subordinate and exploratory role rather than a superior, dominative, and significant role in comparison to wider existence of The Cosmos to which humanity subordinate and insignificant in comparison to.


The inclusion of the term "humanic" in this appellation immediately demonstrates the prominence of Millettarian terminology throughout Millettarian Philosophy due to humanic being a term originating from within Millettarian Culture. Humanic is purposefully used a universal term to unify the human identity in a reality of human civilisation in which pluralism and diversification and often in reality, much division dominates. The universalisation of the human identity, as well as the unification of humanity in general terms are two concepts that are often postulated in the majority of Millettarian ideas about space exploration which makes it distinct from secular or non-philosophical understandings of space exploration.


The role of the belief orientation and doctrine of transcensionism in the context of the tenet of the Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos is one of centrality. Transcensionism denies that humanity is not fulfilling its destined existential purpose and only considers humanity's fulfilment to be achieved by its exploration of space as a physical ascension and its subsequent mental and intellectual ascension, all three of which combine form the process of transcension.