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Uniquity · Unique beingness
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Uniquitarian sociology · Uniquitarian economics · Uniquitarian psychology · Uniquitarian anthropology
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Standard uniquitarianism · Fundamental uniquitarianism · Hyperuniquitarianism
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Millettarian ontology · Ghenology · Equality in Millettism

Hyperuniquitarianism, also sometimes referred to as suprauniquitarianism, or superuniquitarianism, is one of the three main orientations of uniquitarian philosophy diverging from standard uniquitarianism by its belief that not only do sentient beings hold uniquity, but also all non-sentient beings. This is not a belief that is typically associated with or held by the Millettarian Tradition for it maintains its own adherence to the standard form of the uniquitarian ontological theory which states that only sentient beings hold the quality of uniquity rather than both sentient and non-sentient (hyperuniquitarian) or that all animate and inanimate existence hold uniquity which is held by fundamental uniquitarianism.