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An incentrality discourse is a type of discourse in the Omnidoxy based around a subject that is considered to be of particular unimportance to Astronism, especially the Astronist ethical system. The reason for designating a subject as an incentrality is to juxtapose with it the importance it is provided in our religious and philosophical traditions or in the mainstream cultural system.

In the context of Astronism, an incentrality refers to any topic that is not considered to be of as much importance as they are provided with in other traditions or in the main cultural system. Incentrality discourses are contrasted with centrality discourses, however, they are not as numerous and are only found in The Duodoxy and The Nonodoxy.

List of incentrality discourses through the Omnidoxy

The Duodoxy

The Incentrality of Constructed Time

The Incentrality of Eternity & Sempiternity

The Incentrality of Immortality

The Incentrality of the Future Reality

The Incentrality of Humanity to The Cosmos

The Incentrality of the Past

The Identity of Thought & The Philosophy of Identity

The Nonodoxy

The Incentrality of Anger

The Incentrality of Contentment

The Incentrality of Cynicism

The Incentrality of Ecstasy

The Incentrality of Happiness

The Incentrality of Jealousy

The Incentrality of Panic

The Incentrality of Passion

The Incentrality of Pity

The Incentrality of Pleasure

The Incentrality of Pride

The Incentrality of Rejection

The Incentrality of Resentment

The Incentrality of Weakness