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Standing With The Silver Sphere

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Cometan · Brandon Reece Taylor · Brandon Taylorian · Kometan · Kāng Míng Én · Kotatani · Rajul Alkun · Komatenakan · Kamietan · Cumetanu · Kometano · Cometano · K’omet’ani · Kōmēṭana · קומטאן · Chomaitan · Kómetan · コメタン · Kāmeṭan · Ko Metan · Komitanski · Kamēṭana · کامیټان · Kāmēṭana · کمدین · Кометан · کامیٹن · I-Cometan · קאָמעטאַן

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The Founding of Astronism

The Gift (2013) · Ignorance (2014) · Enlightenment (2015) · Expansion (2016) · Consolidation (2017) · Prolifics (2018) · Completion (2019) · Manifestation (2020)

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Louise Counsell · Sean Taylor · Julian Counsell · Nadine Taylor · Bill Warbrick · Derek Taylor · Hilda Warbrick · Irene Taylor


Lucia Richardson · Kieran Taylorian · Charlotte Counsell · Kent Taylorian · Zara Taylorian · Jay Taylorian · Edie Taylorian

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Huang Xiangdong · Mai Kaijian · Cheung Cho Chuen

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6 New Street · 239 Station Road · Brooklands · 222 Longmeanygate · 10 Maple Drive · 160 Cop Lane




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Omnidoxy · The Grand Centrality · The Grand Lexicon of Millettarian Terminology · The Grand Constitution


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The People's Constitutional Company of Jesse Millette · The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism · Social Sorcerer · Photography Lately · Eulocis Group
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Armenian Genocide recognition advocacy · Religious education advocacy · Religious persecution advocacy
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Cometan in Astronism · Cometanic · Criticism of Cometan ·

An indrucy is a period and state of intense activity for a philosopher, author, or any other artist in whichever medium they do express themselves, wherein the majority of their spare time is taken up by writing (in the case of an author or philosopher) a particular document, or set of documents, or books; this is characterised by intense levels of writing mounting to thousands of words written per day, late nights, reclusion, a general obsessiveness and attention to details, frequent experiences of nausea, sudden impulses to write, as well as an overall predisposition to deep contemplations which are uncharacteristic of people that are not experiencing indrucy.

The periods of time that a person may be under indrucy vary greatly with some states of indrucy stretching on for years while others exist only for a few months. Some smaller periods of indrucy are expected to be more dangerous than those of longer periods as longer periods of indrucy are expected to become part of the person’s natural disposition and the way they conduct their life while shorter forms of indrucy may result in mental health issues as this transition (known as indrucation) has not yet occurred therefore the individual is more susceptible to experiencing the potentially harmful effects of indrucy.

To be classified as a period of indrucy, a person must be in the state of indrucy for at least two weeks. The first of such states or periods of indrucy known by this term was experienced by Brandon Taylorian during his writing of The Omnidoxy over the course of one and a half years of indrucy. Indrucy is a philosophical and artistically centred term that may be in close relation to obsessive-compulsive disorder. In the context of the Millettarian philosophical tradition, true indrucy is not induced by drugs or alcohol, but by a purely artistic zeal and obsession