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Intracosmism is categorised as one of The Seven Tenets of Association and is therefore a major belief orientation characterising Astronism. Its essential premise is that rather than looking for the answers to human existentiality, destiny, and purpose in extracosmic existences and concepts, such as those of God, heaven, and hell, as seen in some religious traditions, we should instead turn towards The Cosmos which is believed to hold all the comprehensible answers to our ontological questions.

Crucially, due to The Cosmic Limitation Principle, it is not believed in Astronism that humanity, due to it holding a cosmic nature, will ever be able to physically, mentally, or even spiritually extend beyond the of periphery of The Cosmos. Only by notions of logic is the Millettarian Tradition able to postulate about existences and phenomena in occurrence beyond the cosmic periphery, such as those which structure the Millettarian cosmology.

Although the belief in intracosmism has been argued as an atheistic orientation, the Millettarian Tradition considers it to be a non-theistic cosmocentric orientation that, due to God's existence beyond the cosmic periphery, humanity's aims to gain answers about its existentiality from God are fruitless and should therefore be redirected towards that of The Cosmos.

However, the Millettarian Tradition also stands by the notion that there does exist theistic and atheistic orientations of intracosmism. Intracosmism is not considered to be in opposition to theism for although due to the beliefs of intracosmism remove the role of God as the direct provider of answers to human ontology and purpose, this does not mean to suggest that no God exists at all.

The non-theistic orientation of intracosmism is considered to be the default position of the belief of intracosmism as upheld by the Millettarian Tradition.