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This article is about a non-fiction entity related to the Astronist belief system or the Astronic tradition.
Any article relating to a fictional entity will be clearly marked as being part of the Spacefaring World

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An introductory discourse is a type of discourse in the Omnidoxy that is the first discourse of a disquisition. It is considered to introduce the inclusive discipline associated with the disquisition. It is contrasted with a conclusatory discourse which is the last discourse of any given disquisition in the Omnidoxy.

List of introductory discourses of the Omnidoxy

The Monodoxy

Compendological Introduction

The Duodoxy

Sanitological Introduction

The Tridoxy

Abettological Introduction

The Tetradoxy

Introduction to Equitology

The Pentadoxy

Introduction to Xentology

The Hexadoxy

The Millettarian Ontology

The Septidoxy

Introduction to Expology

The Octadoxy

Rhemnological Introduction

The Nonodoxy

Introduction to Contology

The Decadoxy

Introduction to Durantology

The Hendecadoxy

Introduction to Quillitology

The Dodecadoxy

Introduction to Prerology