Jeneta Spencer

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Jeneta Spencer (née Watkinson; 1556 – December 18, 1580) was the 13th great-grandmother of Cometan, classified as one of Cometan’s distant paternal ancestors in the Hardacre family line. Born in Kildwick in Yorkshire, Jeneta is recorded as having been the daughter of Janeta Carter (1530 – 1584), despite the fact that the identity of her father remains unknown. 

Although we do not know the identity of Jeneta’s spouse, we can deduce that her married name was Spencer due to her daughter being named Elizabeth Spencer (1571 – 1613), whom Jeneta reportedly gave birth to at the age of fifteen. Jeneta is recorded as having died very early at the age of just twenty-four in Burnley, Lancashire, to where she and her family likely moved from Kildwick. Her daughter was just nine years old when her mother died. 

In Cometanic ancestry, Jeneta is categorised as part of the 15th generation retrograde, classifying her as a distant ancestor of Cometan.

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