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Jennet Moone (née Hankinson; 1705 – ????) was the wife of Cometan’s 7th great-grandfather, Henry Moone (1698 – 1771), a landowner in Eccleston, Lancashire. Jennet married Henry on 12th February 1764 at St Mary the Virgin Church in Eccleston when he became a widower after his first wife, named Alice Porter, died in 1763, until Henry himself died twelve years later in 1771. Jennet and Henry had no children together, hence she is only referred to as the wife of Henry rather than as a blood relation to Cometan. The details of Jennet’s death and the identity of her parents remains unknown. 

In Cometanic ancestry, Jennet is classified as part of the 9th generation retrograde, thus categorising her as an ancestor of Cometan.