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This article is about the fictional Spacefaring World of the Jesse Millette franchise.
However, some elements of this article may be in reference to the non-fictional beliefs held
within Astronism which should be indicated wherever relevant.

Jesse Millette, colloquially referred to as "Jess", and posthumously known as Starlad, is a fictional character, a sleuth first introduced in a British mystery series known as The Original Jesse Millette Series written by British philosopher and author, Cometan. The character was first created by Cometan in 2013 when he was just fifteen years old and all books featuring the character are written under the collective authorship of Cometan.

The character was first published in the precursory edition of The Phantom's Curse in November 2017 by Cometan. A new British cultural figure, Jesse Millette combines a modern philosophy with a classical style and p. After the astronisation of the character, the presence of religious belief associated with the character noticeably grew.

Jesse is classified as an effigy in the context of Astronism. He is mentioned concentratively in different segments of the Omnidoxy, particularly with the introduction of Millettarian mystology.

The Jesse Millette character

Jesse, a young detective who, along with his friends, and some of his family members, solved a vast amount of mysteries in all the countries of the world, the very first official mystery of which was named The Phantom's Curse.

Creation of character

Creation of the Jesse Millette character is solely vested in Cometan, a British philosopher and author who founded Astronism and also wrote the Omnidoxy, all of which, when combined together, form the foundations of Millettic culture and Millettarian literature.

After reading two American mystery series involving Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys characters, Cometan intended to create his own protagonist with a distinctly British identity and suited to a modern taste whilst simultaneously sticking to a classical style of illustration and writing structure with the use of third person throughout The Original Jesse Millette Series.

Character's appearance

The standard appearance of the character has largely stayed unchanged since its inception with it being pivoted around him having blond curly-hair, blue eyes, and tall with a medium build. However, the character is expected to see dramatic changes across its many depictions after undergo a process known as internationalisation.

Evolution of character

2013-2018: Prepublication forms of the character

The idea for the character of Jesse Millette was first conceived in July 2013 on the fifteen birthday of Cometan. The idea for the character's first name was what originally came to Cometan's thoughts, not long after which, after hearing the name "Millette" from his grandmother Irene Taylor, Cometan fixated on the character's surname.

2019-2020: Period of revision and astronisation

After Cometan's initial development and creation of the Omnidoxy, the philosophical treatise which founded the philosophy of Astronism, the then twenty-year old philosopher decided to partially revise the characters, story arcs, settings, and terminologies used to make them more Astronic in character. This means that they would identify more with the ideas and character of Astronism and this process is known as astronisation.

This process of revision and astronisation took place on the first, second, and third instalments of The Original Series due to the fact that the fourth book had only been partially written by that point. As a consequence of the astronisation of the books, their futurisation also occurred. This resulted in the setting and environment of the first three books to morph and resemble a futuristic theme, examples of which involve the description of spacecraft flying in the sky, and chimericalist descriptions of planets and stars in the sky.

Branding of the character

The branding of the character of Jesse Millette refers to the evolution of the logos used to identify with the character, known as the Jesse Millette Sigil, as used in commercial developments for the character. Subsequently, this logo has evolved from the inception of the character.


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The authorship of the character of Jesse Millette solely rests with the philosopher and author who is mononymously known as Cometan.


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The longest running series featuring the character of Jesse Millette is The Original Jesse Millette Series which began in 2013 and formed the foundations of Millettarian literature and culture.

In other media

From the inception of the character, it has gained a considerable social media presence across platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which arguably lead to the initial success and awareness of the character.


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