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Jesse Millette and The Phantom's Curse, originally titled Jesse Millette: Murder in Rialto Theatre, is a mystery fiction novel as the first instalment in The Original Jesse Millette Series written by Cometan, and is also the first published work depicting the characters of Jesse Millette, Ellena Chadwell, and Zara Litchford, who make up three of The Five Millettarian Characters.


The precursory edition of The Phantom's Curse was published on 7th November 2017 by Cometan.


Jesse and his two friends, Ellena and Zara, are travelling on The Tube in central London on a night out to the theatre to see Jesse's friend, Jacqueline, perform at the Rialto Theatre. Their night doesn't go as planned when Jesse's wallet is stolen aboard The Tube and the night devolves even further when Jacqueline drops dead on the stage during the middle of her performance.


The artwork for the front cover of the precursory edition of Jesse Millette and The Phantom's Curse was commissioned by Cometan in 2017 prior to the edition's release later that year and was illustrated David Young.

Original artwork used for the precursory edition of Jesse Millette and The Phantom's Curse.