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Jesse Millette and the Missing Man of Loch Ness is the upcoming second instalment in the Original Jesse Millette Mystery Stories series written by Cometan. The book is set to be published on 25th October 2023 and follows the first book in the series titled Jesse Millette and the Phantom's Curse which was published on 7th November 2017.

Titles of the book[]

The book was originally titled Danger at Loch Ness and later, Disappearance at Loch Ness, but was changed to Missing Man of Loch Ness in the spring of 2023 prior to its publication in October 2023.

Official outline[]

The Jesse Millette Company has published the following official synopsis of the story:

When Jesse Millette heard that one of his father's friends had disappeared in the Scottish Highlands while searching for the Loch Ness Monster, he knew the time had come again to put his detective skills to the test and find the missing man. However, little did Jesse know that upon his arrival in Scotland, he and his best friend Ollie would be put in such danger that their friendship would be pushed to breaking point. The two lads join a team of cryptozoologists searching for the Loch Ness Monster, but Jesse soon discovers that there is more than one kind of monster causing trouble at Loch Ness in his most menacing mystery yet.


Main characters[]

  • Jesse Millette (protagonist)
  • Ollie Mehler (deuteragonist)

Suspect characters[]

  • Melissa Miller
  • Angus Drummond
  • William Clark
  • Hannah Fowler

Other characters[]

  • Steward McBride
  • Alan Graymarsh
  • Madamme McDowell
  • Sergeant McGraw
  • Richard Millette
  • Cora Nixon

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