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Karen Elizabeth Warbrick (born September 17, 1966 – October 7, 1970), referred to by the title Karen, aunt of Cometan, was the only maternal aunt of Cometan who tragically passed away at the age of four. She was the daughter of Bill and Hilda Warbrick and the older sister of Louise Counsell, Cometan's mother.

Born in the village of Hoghton in Lancashire on 17th September 1966, Karen was the first daughter of Bill Warbrick and Hilda Warbrick. She had short blonde hair and is remembered as having a bright personality.

Tragically, on 7th October 1970, Karen wandered out of the backyard gate and feel into a nearby pond and drowned. This took place just four months after her little sister, Louise, was born therefore Louise would only know her older sister through the few images that have been collected of Karen.

Karen is buried at Brindle St Joseph's, Chapel Fold in the village of Hoghton in the English county of Lancashire, United Kingdom alongside her uncle George Bolton who is Cometan's great uncle.

Video of Karen

The only surviving video of Karen was taken by her uncle George in 1970, the year she passed away. This footage can be found the genealogical page dedicated to her. Click here to see.

Images of Karen


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