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Not to be confused with Kosma or Cosma (Millettarian architecture).

Liana Tiratsuyan (born December 20, 1996; Armenian: Լիանա Տիրացույան), known mononymously as Cosma after the title of Cosma in Astronism, often in dyadonymity with Cometan, was the first partner and follower of Cometan during The Year of Prolifics and The Year of Completion, and has been categorised as a founding figure of Astronism.

Cosma's presence is felt most influentially during Cometan's writing and development of Cometanic love during which she was assigned her religious mononym, the only person to be so omnidoxically other than Cometan himself. Cosma is also the only person in Cometan's personal life to be mentioned directly within the Original Edition of the Omnidoxy.

Cosma was the girlfriend of Brandon Taylorian, whom he claimed love at first sight with during the moment they met in person on Saturday 15th December 2018 at Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan, Armenia after a year of a long-distance relationship.

Cosma began as Cometan's companion in The Year of Prolifics during which the young philosopher wrote the Omnidoxy most intensively and during The Year of Completion, the second to last year of the era known as The Founding of Astronism, her influence on which remains widely debated by scholars of the religion.

Mononym and title of Cosma

Cosma is a religious mononym named so after the title of Cosma in Astronism and was first assigned to Liana Tiratsuyan by her then-boyfriend, Brandon Taylorian, in his philosophical treatise titled the Omnidoxy.

Early life and move to Yerevan

Cosma was born Liana Tiratsuyan on 20th December 1996 as the second daughter to Vanik Tiratsuyan (father) and Tamar Karapetyan (mother) in one of the southernmost towns of Armenia, known as Meghri in the Syunik Province close to the Armenian border with Iran. Liana has one elder sister named Anna Tiratsuyan, who is five years her senior.

Liana's childhood was mainly spent in Meghri, but she also visited her grandmother's house in a nearby town in southern Armenia. Her sister, Anna, moved to the Armenian capital Yerevan, and Liana, moved there years later to live with her sister in search of greater opportunities than small-town Meghri could offer her.

Liana began her bachelors degree in 2013 at Yerevan State University and left in 2018 with a degree in Sustainable Tourism. She was the top student in her class, earning a first class diploma and the highest mark out of all her fellow students.

Meeting Cometan

Cosma was first contacted by the Armenophile Brandon Taylorian in February 2018 via the social media site, Facebook. Cosma took particular interest in the young man due to his last name being one of Armenian structure, hence she mistook Taylorian to be an ethnic Armenian living in the United Kingdom. However, Taylorian soon explained his love for the Armenian construction of surnames.

Soon afterwards, Taylorian re-changed his public persona as a philosopher to Cometan. The pair continued to speak over a messaging app and later progressed to speaking over the phone and then via video calls.

However, their relationship can only truly said to have begun on the late evening of Saturday 15th December 2018 at Zvartnots International Airport. This was the evening that Cometan arrived in the Armenian capital of Yerevan to meet Cosma in person. The moment they met and the subsequent days following as part of Cometan's trip to the country were detailed first in Cometan's personal diary, and were later transferred into the Omnidoxy. This now iconic diary entry and demonstration of pure love between a young man and a young woman formed the basis of what would become known as Cometanic love, or Cometan's approach to understanding and contemplating love and would seriously influence Cometan's development of internationalism.

Following the trip, the young couple continued to converse from a distance and four months later, Cosma visited the hometown of Cometan in Preston and the surrounding towns and cities of Lancashire in North West England, also including a trip to London.

Cosma in the Omnidoxy

Cosma is mentioned numerous times in the founding treatise of Astronism, known as the Omnidoxy. The greatest concentration of her mentions is found in the discourse on Cometanic love which her relationship with Cometan is credited as the sole inspirer of.

Cosma as a founding figure of Astronism

Cosma was granted the status or classification of being a founding figure of Astronism due to her multitude of contributions to Cometan's ideas during the crucial time close to the end of The Founding of Astronism era. Cosma's most notable and verifiable contributions to Astronism include:

  • Cosma thought of the Armenian translation for the title of the Omnidoxy known as the Omniadaran.
  • Cosma was instrumental in the initial development of the Cometanic form and philosophy of love and greatly influenced the amatological writings of Cometan in the Omnidoxy.
  • Cosma was known for being the first person to challenge Cometan's ideas and to be debate with him about Astronist beliefs and concepts.
  • Cosma is also often cited as being the first follower of Cometan, making her the second Astronist in history after Cometan.

Separation from Cometan

Cometan ended the one and a half year long relationship with Cosma on 5th September 2019. The reasons for the split have never been publicly revealed, however, it is suspected that the stress of a long-distance relationship eventually took its toll on the couple causing their relationship to break down.

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