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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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The lineage of Astronism is the study of the ancestry of Astronism in relation to pre-Cometanic religions and philosophies of an astronomical theme that Cometan organised into the Astronic tradition during an era known as The Founding of Astronism.

Astronism traces its lineage far beyond that of other religious and philosophical systems back to prehistoric times, particularly the Upper Palaeolithic era of the Stone Age some 40,000 years ago. In this sense, Astronism considers itself an astronomical religion by courtesy of its central theme.

As part of a discussion of the Astronist lineage comes the notion of Astronist finality. This notion states that due to astronomical religion having been the first form of religion and Astronism having completed the task of organising all astronomical religions into the Astronic tradition, Astronism is ascribed with the appellation of being the final religion, or the last religion.

This notion and appellation has significant consequences on the way in which Astronism considers itself and is considered by other religious traditions. Astronist finality is also an important contribution to the Astronist philosophy of religion as many prophets have claimed to be last prophets and by extension, the religions they have founded are considered to be the last religions.

History of astronomical religions

Astronomical religions have been practiced throughout history up to the present day outside of Astronism itself, however, their categorisation into a fully organised tradition had not occurred until Cometan's establishment of the Astronic tradition of religions and philosophies.