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This page provides a complete list of the discourses of the original version of the Omnidoxy, including their page number and rubral and are organised according to their disquisitional placement.

Preppendix of the Omnidoxy

  1. Brief Contents of the Omnidoxy
  2. Contents of the Omnidoxy
  3. About Astronism
  4. About Cometan
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. A Tradition of Polyagency
  7. Authorship of the Omnidoxy
  8. Chronology of the Omnidoxy
  9. Cometanic Edition
  10. Createdness of the Omnidoxy
  11. Dedicatory
  12. Epigraph of the Omnidoxy
  13. Etymology of the Omnidoxy
  14. Inimitability of the Omnidoxy
  15. Introduction of Indexment
  16. Introduction of Insentence
  17. Neology of the Omnidoxy
  18. Note from The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism
  19. Omnidoxical Foreword
  20. Omnidoxicality
  21. Personal Inspiration
  22. Preface of the Omnidoxy
  23. Structure of the Omnidoxy
  24. Technical Note
  25. The Twenty-Five Refoundations of Philosophy
  26. The Identity & Purpose of The Philosopher
  27. The Reascension of Philosophy
  28. The Commencement of The Cosmos
  29. The Eidouranium, The Observatory, The Promontory & The Planetarium
  30. The Story of Cometan
  31. The Astronicon


The Monodoxy comprises a total of fifty-five discourses, all of which pertain to different disciplines and topics of study of cosmic philosophy. A list of such discourse is found here:

  1. Compendological Introduction
  2. The Journey Through The Cosmos
  3. The Functionalities of Cosmic Progeny & Phenomena
  4. The Future of the World
  5. The Centrality of Big History
  6. The Centrality of Gravitation
  7. The Philosophy of The Grand Cosmos
  8. The Centrality of Wonderment
  9. The Cosmic Alchemy
  10. The Cosmographics
  11. The Observable Cosmos & The Unobservable Cosmos
  12. The History & Future of Astronomy
  13. The Philosophy of The Cosmos
  14. The Stars of The Cosmos
  15. The Educative Mission
  16. The Prospection Principles
  17. The Cosmical Schematism
  18. Formationism & Evolutionism
  19. The Systems of The Cosmos
  20. The Cosmic Territories
  21. Habitabilitism
  22. The Seven Tenets of Association
  23. The Five Bonds of Society
  24. Dark Matter & Dark Energy Philosophical Understanding
  25. The Amalgamations of The Cosmos
  26. Orthogonalism
  27. Scientificism
  28. Sporadics
  29. Time in The Cosmos & The Universe
  30. Creation Theory
  31. Latter Epochology
  32. The Adornment Principle
  33. The Apogenesis
  34. The Concentricity of The Cosmos
  35. Instrument Theory
  36. The Ambiguation Principle
  37. The Edge of The Cosmos
  38. The Firmaments of The Cosmos
  39. The Future of The Expanding Cosmos
  40. The Geometry of The Cosmos
  41. The Hierarchy of The Cosmos
  42. The Families of The Cosmos
  43. The Heterogeneity of The Cosmos
  44. The Introspective Cosmos
  45. Life in The Cosmos
  46. Cosmic Connections to the Terrestrial World
  47. The Natural & The Rational
  48. The Oblivions of The Cosmos
  49. The Philosophy of Astronomy
  50. The Prophetical Cosmos
  51. The Psychology of Space
  52. The Spirits of The Cosmos
  53. The Formation of Celestial Entities
  54. The Structure of The Cosmos
  55. The Topography of The Cosmos


  1. Sanitological Introduction
  2. The Formation of Millettarian Logic (Core Sanitology)
  3. The Philosophical Spirit
  4. Natural Philosophy
  5. Equational Philosophy 
  6. Metrical Philosophy (Metrical philosophy, Philosophical science and Experimental philosophy)
  7. Flipping The Table Theory 
  8. Variables of Experiment 
  9. The Formation of Practical Astronism (Peripheral Sanitology
  10. Orthopraxy & Orthodoxy 
  11. The Controversies of Praxology 
  12. Aniconism in Astronism 
  13. The Oppositions to the Millettarian Identity 
  14. Millettarian Archives 
  15. The Music of the Millettarians (Tunology
  16. The Far Future Vision 
  17. The Construction of the Millettarian Civilisation (Millettarianism
  18. One State Theory
  19. Philosophical Marketing & Advertising
  20. Legal Status & Role of Philosophy
  21. Astronism, Feminism & Masculism
  22. The Principle of Moratorism
  23. The Comparison of Perspectives (Comparology)
  24. The Origineity of Astronism
  25. The Appropriate Etiquette, Practice & Approach Towards Philosophical Debate & Argumentation (approaches to argumentational exchange & argument theory)
  26. Impositionism & Sophogeny
  27. The Importance of Starlore 
  28. Philosophical, Religions & Ideological Territories 
  29. The Mancies of Astronism 
  30. The Prepollencies of Philosophies 
  31. Conclusionism & Non-conclusionism 
  32. The Panentheistic Principle 
  33. That Which Cannot Now Be Seen Nor Understood (Paleoanthropism
  34. The Subjects of The Cosmos & The Affixation of Astric/Cosmic Combining Forms for the Construction of Newfound Disciplines of Study 
  35. Celestial Spheres, The Eyes Have It & Organic Unity
  36. The Sophariums of the World (Naology
  37. The Physical Manifestations of Astronism (Practical Millettism
  38. Antiprofessionalisationism 
  39. Subservientism 
  40. The Millettarian Contributions to Astrology 
  41. The Codification of Astronism 
  42. Naological Polity 
  43. Omnitericism
  44. Philosophical Seeker Behaviour 
  45. Strategic Promulgative Management 
  46. Persecution of Belief & Practice
  47. United Humanity 
  48. Hypercapitalism 
  49. Additional Cosmic Devotions 
  50. The Polynymous Nature of Astronism 
  51. Pre-Millettic Cosmocentricities (Retronism
  52. Analysis & Interpretation of The Omnidoxy (Omnidoxical Hermeneutics
  53. Designations, Recognitions & Millettarian Syncretism
  54. The Etidoxy (Millettarian Etiquette
  55. The Astronomic Revolution in Digital Technology 
  56. The Centrality of Addiction 
  57. The Centrality of the Chain Reaction
  58. The Centrality of Cosmical Time 
  59. The Centrality of Deep Time 
  60. The Centrality of Destiny (Destinology
  61. The Centrality of Existence & Non-existence 
  62. The Centrality of Faith 
  63. The Centrality of Fallacy 
  64. The Centrality of the Future 
  65. The Centrality of Immemorial Time 
  66. The Centrality of Inference 
  67. The Inner Star & The Outer Star 
  68. The Centrality of Interpretation & The Centrality of Liberation 
  69. The Centrality of Life 
  70. The Centrality of the Moral Nature 
  71. The Centrality of Motivity & Intentionism 
  72. The Centrality of Neoteric Time 
  73. The Centrality of Philosophilia
  74. The Centrality of Love & Cometanic Love (Amatology
  75. The Centrality of Progression 
  76. The Centrality of Prophecy
  77. The Nature of Truth & Reality and The Problem of Atheism
  78. The Eternal Oblivion
  79. The Incentrality of Constructed Time
  80. The Incentrality of Eternity & Sempiternity
  81. The Incentrality of Immortality 
  82. The Incentrality of the Future Reality 
  83. The Incentrality of Humanity to The Cosmos 
  84. The Incentrality of the Past 
  85. The Identity of Thought & The Philosophy of Identity 
  86. The Philosophy of Art 
  87. The Philosophy of Cognition & Artificial Intelligence 
  88. The Philosophy of Cosmology 
  89. The Philosophy of Entrepreneurship 
  90. The Philosophy of Marketing 
  91. The Philosophy of Masculinity (Maleology)  
  92. The Philosophy of Media 
  93. The Philosophy of Mereology 
  94. The Philosophy of Modesty 
  95. The Philosophy of Money  
  96. The Philosophy of Peoples 
  97. The Philosophy of Panspermia 
  98. The Millettarian Epistemologist 
  99. The Philosophy of Wealth (Aphnology
  100. The Philosophy of Wellbeing 
  101. The Philosophy of Worlds 
  102. The Philosophy of Writing 
  103. The Problem of Mind & Body 
  104. The Problem of Doubt 
  105. The Obstacles & Throughflows to Philosophy & Philosophical Functionality 
  106. The Sorites Paradox & Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing? 
  107. On The Nature of Religion 
  108. The Five Lost Ologies 
  109. The Homogenous Origination (Homogenology
  110. The Divergency of Existence (Divergetology
  111. The Omniverse in The Universe (Omnitology
  112. The Infinite Universe (Infinetics
  113. The Natures of The Divine (Divinology)   
  114. Philosophic Public Relations   


  1. Abettological Introduction
  2. The Preservation of The Cosmos (Revology)
  3. Introduction to Aidology
  4. The Biotist Approach to Medicine & Narcotics
  5. The Contemplations of The Gaia (Gaianology)
  6. The Foundings of Religions
  7. Introduction to the Elements of Millettarian Symbology
  8. Introduction to the Elements of Millettarian Architecture
  9. Introduction to the Elements of Millettarian Propaganda
  10. Introduction to Pre-Omnidoxical Millettarian Theories
  11. Introduction to the Elements of Millettarian Art
  12. Introduction to the Elements of Civicology
  13. Introduction to the Elements of Millettarian Ornamentation & Ornamentation Theory
  14. Introduction to the Elements of Millettarian Rendition & Rendition Theory
  15. Introduction to the Elements of Orrology


  1. Introduction to Equitology
  2. The Study of Justice (Jurantology)
  3. The Study of Patience (Tolereology)
  4. The Astronist Approach To Trivial & Seminal Incidences
  5. The Catalogue of Extolled Persons of the Millettarian Tradition
  6. Extolled Philosophers (Surname "B")
  7. Extolled Philosophers (Surname "C")
  8. Extolled Philosophers (Surname "D, E, and F")
  9. Extolled Philosophers (Surname "G, H, and I")
  10. Extolled Philosophers (Surname "J, K, and L")
  11. Extolled Philosophers (Surname "M, N, O, P, and Q")
  12. Extolled Philosophers (Surname "R, S, and T")
  13. Extolled Philosophers (Surname "U, V, W, X, Y, and Z")
  14. Extolled Astronomers (Surname "A, B, and C")
  15. Extolled Astronomers (Surname "D, E, F, and G")
  16. Extolled Astronomers (Surname "H, I, J, K, and L")
  17. Extolled Astronomers (Surname "M, N, O, P, and Q")
  18. Extolled Astronomers (Surname "R, S, and T")
  19. Extolled Astronomers (Surname "U, V, W, X, Y, and Z")
  20. Extolled Cosmologists
  21. Extolled Astronauts
  22. Extolled Inventors (Surnames "A — M")
  23. Extolled Inventors (Surnames "N — Z")
  24. Extolled Explorers (Surnames "A — M")
  25. Extolled Explorers (Surnames "N — Z")
  26. The Divergences of Centricity


  1. Introduction to Xentology
  2. The Study of Ambition (Aspology)
  3. The Study of Enlightenment (Illuminology)
  4. Terminological Discourse
  5. General Sopharial Visitation Protocol
  6. The Transpersonal Identity of Astronism
  7. The Grand Precepts of Astration
  8. The Grand Journals of Philosophies & Ideologies


  1. The Millettarian Ontology
  2. Uniquitarian Philosophy, Ontations & Ontometry
  3. The Philosophy of Perception
  4. Philosophic Strategy
  5. Philosophical, Religious & Ideological Ontology
  6. Philosophical Morphology & Millettic/Astronic Etymology
  7. The Institutional Leadership (Padronology)
  8. Institutional Ontology
  9. Conceptual Theory


  1. Introduction to Expology
  2. Expological Investigation
  3. Philosophical Astronomy & Scientific Astronomy
  4. The Study of Millettic/Astronic Hobbies (Hobbology)
  5. The Cosmodora
  6. The Appellations for The Study of Astronism & The Recategorisation of Astrology
  7. Contiguant Philosophy
  8. Astronism By Country
  9. Astronism By U.S. State
  10. The Motional Nature of Astronism
  11. The Nature of Philosophership
  12. The Psychonautics of Astronism


  1. Rhemnological Introduction
  2. The Dissemination of Astronism (Tiritology)
  3. The Transformation of Humanity (Transanthropology)
  4. The Paucity of Cosmic Thinking
  5. Astronic Eschatology (Astronic thanatology and Astronic necrology)
  6. Astronic Funerary Traditions (Mortology)
  7. The Soul in Astronic Philosophy (Incorporeology)
  8. The Purpose of Life (Dysteleology)
  9. The Advancement of Humanity


  1. Introduction to Contology
  2. Millettarian Social Teaching (The Five Rectitudes: Science & Philosophy, Union of Diversity, Cosmospectivity, Clarity of Identiture, and The Troubles of Humanity)
  3. The Awakening of Occhiolism
  4. A Short Discourse on Subsidiarity
  5. The Psychology of Identity
  6. A Short Discourse on Racism
  7. The Principle of Repetism
  8. The General Principles of Space Ethics
  9. Planetary Colonies & New Civilisations
  10. Technology in Space
  11. The Centrality of Adoration
  12. The Centrality of Anguish
  13. The Centrality of Anxiety
  14. The Centrality of Ardour
  15. The Centrality of Betterment
  16. The Centrality of Calm
  17. The Centrality of Compassion
  18. The Centrality of Disappointment
  19. The Centrality of Desire
  20. The Centrality of Duty & Obligation
  21. The Centralities of Emotional Intelligence & Empathy
  22. The Centrality of Enthralment
  23. The Centrality of Envy
  24. The Centrality of Failure
  25. The Centrality of Fear & Love
  26. The Centrality of Gratitude
  27. The Centrality of Guilt
  28. The Centrality of Insecurity
  29. The Centrality of Isolation & Reclusion
  30. The Centrality of Laudation
  31. The Centrality of Melancholy
  32. The Centrality of Optimism
  33. The Centrality of Regret
  34. The Centrality of Reputation
  35. The Centrality of Sentimentality
  36. The Centrality of Strength
  37. The Centrality of Stress
  38. The Centrality & The Philosophy of The Saviour
  39. The Centrality of The Cosmic Devotions
  40. The Centrality of Vice & Virtue
  41. The Centrality of Wonderment
  42. The Centrality of Worldview
  43. The Centrality of Worry
  44. The Incentrality of Anger
  45. The Incentrality of Contentment
  46. The Incentrality of Cynicism
  47. The Incentrality of Ecstasy
  48. The Incentrality of Happiness
  49. The Incentrality of Jealousy
  50. The Incentrality of Panic
  51. The Incentrality of Passion
  52. The Incentrality of Pity
  53. The Incentrality of Pleasure
  54. The Incentrality of Pride
  55. The Incentrality of Rejection
  56. The Incentrality of Resentment
  57. The Incentrality of Weakness
  58. The Philosophy of Attitude
  59. The Problem of Moral Knowledge
  60. The Problem with the Elimination of Suffering
  61. A Short Discourse on Constantiation & Inconstantiation


  1. Introduction to Durantology
  2. The Contemplation of Space (Tractology)
  3. Cosmological, Astronomical & Astronic Philosophical Convergence
  4. The Role of The Five Millettarian Characters
  5. The Astronic Journal
  6. Institutional Policymaking


  1. Introduction to Quillitology
  2. The Philosophisation of Acceptance (Endrology)
  3. The Study of Peace (Serenology)
  4. The Venatic & The Eulearic
  5. Further Contributions to Astronic Thanatology & Astronic Supernaturalism
  6. Meteorological Devotion (Atmosphericism)
  7. Astronomical Commemoration (Avicinology)


  1. Introduction to Prerology
  2. The Study of Imagination (Initiology)
  3. The Ancient Philosophers
  4. The Integrands of Astronism
  5. The Millettarian Soteriology
  6. The Achievement of Cometanhood (Cometanology)
  7. Apocalypse in Astronism & Elements of Philosophy
  8. The Role of Mercy in Astronism
  9. The Role of Meaningfulness in Astronism & Religious Sponsorship of Enterprise
  10. The Eleunomicon (Amnology)
  11. The Pollination of The Philosophy
  12. The Consideration of the Reasons for Astronism
  13. The Downfall of Sanctity & The Nature of Omnality
  14. Relational Philosophy, Transcensionists, & The Natural Theology of Astronism
  15. The Ultimation of Astronism (Transcension)
  16. The Cosmic Era of Millettarian Mystology

Appendix of the Omnidoxy

  1. Omnidoxical Formulation
  2. The Grand Canon of Millettism
  3. Bibliography of the Omnidoxy
  4. Cometanic Quotes
  5. Glossary of the Omnidoxy
  6. Omnidoxical Register