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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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This page provides a list of all twelve inclusive disciplines forming Astronic philosophy paired with definitions for each.

List of inclusive disciplines


List of compendological disciplines

Compendology is the inclusive discipline encompassing all philosophies, theories, disciplines, concepts, derivations, and schools of thought that address the nature, the order, the beauty, the functionality, and the existence of The Cosmos, or any one of its progeny either considered individually, or collectively as part of a group. 


List of sanitological disciplines

Sanitology is the inclusive discipline dealing with the entirety of Astronic approaches to logic and involves the formation of the Astronist and Millettic traditions of logic and rationality.  


List of abettological disciplines

Abettology is the inclusive discipline dealing with the contemplation and study of stewardship and aid, how these two concepts and their subsequent actions manifest themselves in the world, and their interactions with one another.  


List of equitological disciplines

Equitology is the inclusive discipline dealing with all contemplations regarding justice and patience and the philosophical approach to understanding these extensive concepts.


List of xentological disciplines

Xentology is the inclusive discipline dealing with contemplations regarding and subjects involving or associated with ambition and the concept of enlightenment or heightened understanding. 


List of ghenological disciplines

Ghenology is the inclusive discipline dealing with introducing Astronic ontology and all contemplations relating the nature of being and the philosophy of perception. 


List of expological disciplines

Expology is the inclusive discipline dealing with the contemplation of all aspects of space exploration and introduces and incorporates a large variety of disciplines also from within other inclusive disciplines such as space ethics and cosmic philosophy. 


List of rhemnological disciplines

Rhemnology is the inclusive discipline dealing with a wide-ranging set of topics principally based on the concept of advancement and the introduction and formulation of the Astronic eschatology which itself includes Astronic thanatology and Astronic necrology. 


List of contological disciplines

Contology is the inclusive discipline dealing with the introduction and systematically explanation of the foundations of the Astronist ethical system in addition to the Astronist approach to considering epistemology.  


List of durantological disciplines

Durantology is the inclusive discipline dealing with the roles, functions, and applicabilities of the two concepts and physical manifestations of space and time. 


List of quillitological disciplines

Quillitology is the inclusive discipline dealing with the combined contemplations of both peace and acceptance as two widely interpretable and multi-applicable concepts.  


List of prerological disciplines

Prerology is the inclusive discipline fundamentally dealing with the contemplation and consideration of the concepts of imagination and freedom from an Astronist perspective in philosophical terms.