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Some of the world's great religious and philosophical texts.

The world's largest religions and philosophies have each been founded by comparably extensive texts, some of which have come about through divine revelation, others through personal inspiration, and others without any supernatural or preternatural involvement.

By whichever way these texts were formed, each have held profound influence on the development of world civilisation and thought. This page provides a list of the world's longest religious and philosophical texts by word count of both ancient, modern and contemporary origin. The books in this list must be directly associated with a particular religion or philosophy and therefore, generally books on religion/philosophy or books about a religion or a philosophy are not included. Only books that are officially considered as part of the religion or philosophy's canon are included.

Text name Word count Author Associated religion/philosophy Period written Nature of origin
Mahabharata 1,800,000[1] Vyasa Hinduism 400 BC n/a
Omnidoxy 1,704,860 Cometan Astronism 2015 – 2020 Personal inspiration / Peternatural
Core Omnidoxy 1,231,950 Cometan Astronism 2015 – 2020 Personal inspiration / Preternatural
The Holy Bible 807,370 Numerous: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; Moses and other Old Testament prophets Christianity Old Testament: 1200 – 165 BC

New Testament: First Century

Divine inspiration
Peripheral Omnidoxy 472,917 Cometan Astronism 2015 – 2020 Personal inspiration / Preternatural
The Book of Mormon 264,671 Joseph Smith Mormonism 1830 Divine revelation
The Book of Common Prayer 232,000 Thomas Cranmer Anglicanism 1549 n/a
The Quran 157,935 dictated by Muhammad; compiled together by Muhammad's followers Islam 609 AD – 632 AD Divine revelation
Ramayana 122,500 Valmiki Hinduism 5th century BC n/a
The Torah 100,000 Moses Judaism 600 BC Divine revelation
The Tripitaka (Pāli Canon)


Numerous compilers Buddhism 550 BC – 100 AD n/a
Rig Veda


Vyasa Hinduism 1500 BC n/a
Nicomachean Ethics 80,000 Aristotle Aristotelianism 340 BC n/a
Kojiki 78,000 Ō no Yasumaro Shinto 712 AD n/a
The Kitab-I-Aqdas 74,000 Baha'u'llah Bahá'í Faith 1873 Divine revelation


Vyasa Hinduism 1500 BC n/a
Avesta 54,500 Zoroaster Zoroastrianism 1500 – 1000 BC Divine revelation
The Republic 51,500 Plato Platonism 375 BC n/a
The Analects 34,500 Confucius Confucianism 500 BC n/a
Tao-Te-Ching 11,890 Laozi Taoism 4th century BC n/a