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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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This page provides a list of books that were written or are planned to be written and are classified as post-omnidoxical. They may either have been written by Cometan or another author. A list of post-omnidoxical Astronist books written by Cometan can be found here.

Astronism: The Philosophy of The Stars

An Exegetical Investigation of the Omnidoxy

Manual for Cosmic Devotion

The Millettic Tradition: An Introduction

The Millettic Understanding of The Cosmos

Millettism, Astronism, Kosma, Cosmism, & Sophism: An Appellatological Investigation

The Core of Astronism: Cosmocentricity

Transcension Philosophy

Astronic Belief & Philosophy

Dissection of Astronism

The Reascension of Philosophy: An In-depth Investigation

Extraomnidoxical Promulgation Theory

The Original Codification of Institutional Law

The Original Encyclopedia of the Concepts, Theories, Notions & Belief Orientations of Astronism

Sight Through Cosmic Eyes

The Cause for Astronism

Cometanic Reflections

The Philosophy of the Stars: An Investigation

Astronic Theology 

An Astronic Commentary

A Textbook of Astronic Philosophy

Astronism Explored & Explained

Counterarguments to Astronism

Aspects of Astronism

Astronism & Astronomy: A Contentious or Harmonious Relationship?

Astronism & Space Exploration 

Astronism & Astrocism: Is There A Difference?

An Introduction to Astronism

Exploring The Recesses of Astronic Philosophy

Astronists & Astronism

Introducing Astronism

The Cornerstones of Astronism

The Problem of the Multifarious Names of Astronism

Voices of Astronism 

Astronism and Astronist Origins

The Astronic Tradition of Africa

Female Personalities in the Astronic Tradition 

Female Figures in Astronism

A Thematic Commentary on the Omnidoxy

Understanding The Omnidoxy

The Vision of the Omnidoxy

Approaches to the Omnidoxy

The History of the Omnidoxical Text

Introduction to the Omnidoxy

A Very Short Introduction to the Omnidoxy

Way to the Omnidoxy

A Guide to the Contents of the Omnidoxy

The Omnidoxy: An Encyclopaedia

What Happens When We Die? 

The Revelatory Rationality of the Omnidoxy

Readings on the Omnidoxy

Schools of Omnidoxical Exegesis

Approaches to the Study of the Omnidoxy

Cometan’s Omnidoxy

The Cometanic Companion to the Omnidoxy

The Omnidoxy and Its Interpreters

The Collection of the Omnidoxy

Textual Relations in the Omnidoxy

Religious Meaning in the Omnidoxy

The Impact of Astronism

The Astronist Way

Astronism & Modernity

Major Themes of the Omnidoxy

Discovering the Omnidoxy

Interpreting the Omnidoxy

Reading the Omnidoxy

Approaches to the Interpretation of the Omnidoxy

The Omnidoxy and Its Exegesis

Logic, Rhetoric and Rationality in the Omnidoxy

The Omnidoxy: Authoritative Interpretation 

The Omnidoxy: The Basics

Unlocking the Omnidoxy

Commentary on the Omnidoxy

The Bible, The Omnidoxy, The Quran and Science

In The Wake of the Omnidoxy

The Propheticity of Cometan

Astronism, Globalisation, Environmentalism and Postmodernity 

An Investigation of Astronist Theology

Shaping an Omnidoxical Worldview

The Sopharium 

Astronist Thought

The Basis of Astronist Thought

Astronism and the Astronic Tradition

The Eschatology of Astronism

Cometan’s Eschatology

Cometan’s Philosophical Theology

Astronism and Embracement of the Future

The Modern Origins of Astronism

The Ancient Origins of Astronism

Faith and Reason in Astronism

Astronism, Cometan and the Reascension of Philosophy

Prominent Debates in Astronism

Astronism and Ecology

Astronism in Perspective

Astronism in the World

Commercialised Astronism

The Globality of Astronism

Astronism and Cosmopolitanism

The Cross, The Crescent and The Vendox

Studies in Astrocism

Astrocism: The Mystical Tradition of Astronism

Astrocism: An Introduction

The Astronomical Mysteries 

Ethics in Astronism 

Astronism and Sexuality


The Philosopher of the Stars

Cometan: The Cosmic One

The Synthesis of Astronism

An Introduction to Astronist Thought

The Mystery of Astronism

The Institution: Proprietor of Astronism

Astronic Religion and Astronism

Astronist Religion

Cometan: Religionist or Philosopher? 

Astronism and British Culture 

Astronism and the United Kingdom

The Global Origins of Astronism

Astronist Spirituality 

The Spirituality of Astronism

Disciplines of Astronism

Astronism and World Religions

Worldview of the Astronists

Astronism: The Newest Religion

All Roads Lead to Cosmosis

The Astronist Philosophy of Religion

Astronist Animism

Astronism and Gender

The Men and Women of Astronism

The Astronism Reader

The Ten Essentials of Astronist Philosophy

Becoming Astronist

Astronism and Atheism

Astronism: The Religion of Science

Amplified Omnidoxy

Annotations to the Omnidoxy

The Dictionary of Astronism

The Dictionary of Astrocism

The Dictionary of Astronist Philosophy

The Dictionary of Astronist Theology

The Cosmic Vision of Astronism

The Omnidoxy and the West

Astronism and the West

Astronism and the East

The Omnidoxy and the East

Roots of Astronism

The Music of Astronism

The Cometanicon 

Prophecy of Astronism

Persecutions of the Astronic Tradition

The Theology of Cometan

An Anthology of Astronism

The Essence of Astronism

Meeting Astronism

Astronist Theology

On Astronist Theology

The Divine Theology of Astronism

Cometan’s Way to the World

Astronist Theodicy

The Evolution of Astronism

Motionality of Astronism

Naturalistic Astronism

Preternaturality of Cometan

The Vision of Cometan

The Figure of Cometan

Life of Cometan 

The Founding of Astronism: An Investigation

The Young Cometan

Considering Cometan

Introduction to Cometanology

Cometanology: An Authoritative Guide

Cometan and Culture

The Divine, The Universe and The Cosmos

An Overview of the Astronic Cosmology

Understanding the Astronic Cosmology

Astronism, Cometan and Feminism

The Morality of Astronism

Uniquitarianism: The Ontology of Astronism

The Vendox: Its History and Symbolism

Vendoxology: A Study of the Symbol of Astronism

Astronism and the Transcension of Humanity

Astronism and Redemption Theology  

Mastering The Astronist Way

The Way to Cosmosis

The Ultimacy of Cosmosis

Dictionary of Omnidoxicality

Dictionary of Post-Omnidoxicality

Astronism and the Community  

Astrosa: The Global Community

The Astronist Exploration of Space

Astronomy and Cosmic Philosophy

The History of Astronomical Religions

Astronism and its Ancestors

A Dictionary of Astronist Ethics

Faith and Astronist Philosophy

Faith in Astronism 

Cosmocentrism: The Astronist Worldview

Cosmocentric, Geocentric, Theocentric and Anthropocentric Worldviews

Welcome to Astronism

How Brandon Became Cometan

The Making of Cometan

The Astronomical Religions

The Astrosa

The Astroxa

The Astroma

Governance of Astronism