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Four Major Religious Traditions of the World.

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This page provides a list of religions categorised according to a series of traditions, each of which share similarities in practices and subjects of belief. These categorisations are made according to Astronist scholarship and Astronist theory.

The ten traditions recognised in Astronist scholarship are the following: Abrahamic, Astronic, Dharmic, Indigenous, Iranian, Neoreligion, Pagan, Secularistic, Spiritualistic, and Taoic.

List of religions by tradition

Abrahamic (Abrahamism):

Major groups:

Minor groups:

Astronic religions (Astronicism):

Astronomical religions (Astronomism): 



Nature religions (Naturism):

World Religions by Population Percentage

World Religions by Population Percentage

Humanic religions (Humanicism): 

Astronic-related religions:

Dharmic religions (Dharmism):

Major groups:

Minor groups:

Indigenous religions (Indigenism)

African Traditional religions:

Afro-American religions:

Altaic religions

Native American religions:

Austronesian religions:

Tibetic religions:

Uralic religions:

Other indigenous religions:

Iranian religions: 

Extant groups:

Historical/Extinct groups:

Neopagan religions (Neopaganism):

Ethnic neopaganism:

Syncretic neopaganism:


Neoreligions or new religious movements are religions that hold their origins after 1850 and that do not belong to any other recognised religious tradition. Only extant groups are listed here as short-lived religions, parody religions, cults, and cargo cults are not included.

Entheogenic religions:

Fringe religions:

Fringe religions in the neoreligious category are religions which cannot be categorised into any of the subcategories of neoreligion and are therefore considered to exist on the fringes of neoreligion.

Neo-ethnic religions:

New Thought:

Post-theistic religions:

UFO religions:

Western esotericism:

Secularistic religions:

Spiritualistic religions:

Major groups:

 Minor groups:

Taoic religions:

Major groups:

Minor groups: