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Mai Kaijian (Chinese: 麦凯健; born July 30, 1997), colloquially known as MK, and often referred to in the context of East Asian Astronism as Dì èr gè zhuīsuí zhě meaning "the second follower", is a citizen of the People's Republic of China of Cantonese descent, a student of finance and accounting and a friend of Cometan who is classified as a minor figure during The Founding of Astronism.

Mai is credited with having helped Cometan to translate some important terms of Astronism into Mandarin Chinese during Cometan's visit to Hong Kong in August 2019 alongside their mutual friend, Heastward.

Although Heastward played a larger role than Mai in the translation and would go on to become classified as a prominent figure of Astronism, Mai continued to contribute to Cometan's religion and remained a friend of the philosopher years after their first encounter in Beijing.

Due to remaining classified as a minor figure of Astronism, Mai was not provided with his own religious mononym.