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Mary McKearney (also spelt as McKerney) (1809 – December 18, 1872) was an Irish immigrant to England in the mid-19th century and the 4th great-grandmother of Cometan. Mary is classified as one of Cometan’s distant paternal ancestors in the McKerney family line. Mary’s maiden name is currently unknown, as are the identities of her parents. 

Born in Dublin, Mary married Hugh McKerney (1789 – 1863) in the early 19th century after which she gave birth to Hugh McKearney (1841 – 1918). Mary, with her husband and her son, travelled across the Irish Sea and settled in Lancaster, Lancashire. Mary is recorded as having passed away at the age of sixty-eight in Preston, Lancashire. In Cometanic ancestry, Mary is categorised as part of the 6th generation retrograde, classifying him as a distant ancestor of Cometan.