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Mesoamerican cosmovision

ˌmɛsəʊəˈmɛrɪk(ə)n ˈkɒzməˈvɪʒ(ə)n

noun | Astroanthropology

a dualistic understanding of existence based on the macrocosmos (affairs of the astronomical world) and microcosmos (life on Earth) held by the pre-Columbian civilisations of Mesoamerica (e.g. the Maya). Reflections of this worldview are seen in the organisation of society, buildings aligned to celestial phenomena, and the depiction of the cosmos in architecture and artwork.

Origin and etymology

  • Of pre-Cometanic origin, the concept of a distinct Mesoamerican cosmovision emerged out of the works of Elizabeth Boone, David Carrasco and others. Later, Cometan categorised this Mesoamerican view of the world as part of the Astronic tradition.