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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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One of the many demonyms used to refer to a follower of The Philosophy of Millettism, yet this remains the primary term of reference. Either an individual or a group may be defined as Millettarian and other terms such as astronic, millettic, kosmic, and sophistic share synonymous meanings with one another. Essentially, a Millettarian is a person who follows or identifies themselves with Millettarian Philosophy, either in its entirety or with The Philosophy of Millettism specifically as a philosophy within the wider tradition, however, the distinction between these two is often not made.

Despite there existing hundreds of denominations, philosophies, traditions, movements, and belief orientations within Millettarian Philosophy and The Philosophy of Millettism alike, and therefore subsequently existing hundreds of different demonyms, Millettarian and the four others aforementioned are the five primary demonyms. These are used so as not to refer to a specific group within Millettism or Millettarian Philosophy, but rather to refer to the group as a whole.