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1. Introduction to Contology

2. Millettarian Social Teaching

3. The Awakening of Occhiolism

4. A Short Discourse on Subsidiarity

5. The Psychology of Identity

6. A Short Discourse on Racism

7. The Principle of Repetism

8. The General Principles of Space Ethics

9. Planetary Colonies & New Civilisations

10. Technology in Space

11. The Centrality of Adoration

12. The Centrality of Anguish

13. The Centrality of Anxiety

14. The Centrality of Ardour

15. The Centrality of Betterment

16. The Centrality of Calm

17. The Centrality of Compassion

18. The Centrality of Disappointment

19. The Centrality of Desire

20. The Centrality of Duty & Obligation

21. The Centralities of Emotional Intelligence & Empathy

22. The Centrality of Enthralment

23. The Centrality of Envy

24. The Centrality of Failure

25. The Centrality of Fear & Love

26. The Centrality of Gratitude

27. The Centrality of Guilt

28. The Centrality of Insecurity

29. The Centrality of Isolation & Reclusion

30. The Centrality of Laudation

31. The Centrality of Melancholy

32. The Centrality of Optimism

33. The Centrality of Regret

34. The Centrality of Reputation

35. The Centrality of Sentimentality

36. The Centrality of Strength

37. The Centrality of Stress

38. The Centrality & The Philosophy of The Saviour

39. The Centrality of The Cosmic Devotions

40. The Centrality of Vice & Virtue

41. The Centrality of Wonderment

42. The Centrality of Worldview

43. The Centrality of Worry

44. The Incentrality of Anger

45. The Incentrality of Contentment

46. The Incentrality of Cynicism

47. The Incentrality of Ecstasy

48. The Incentrality of Happiness

49. The Incentrality of Jealousy

50. The Incentrality of Panic

51. The Incentrality of Passion

52. The Incentrality of Pity

53. The Incentrality of Pleasure

54. The Incentrality of Pride

55. The Incentrality of Rejection

56. The Incentrality of Resentment

57. The Incentrality of Weakness

58. The Philosophy of Attitude

59. The Problem of Moral Knowledge

60. The Problem with the Elimination of Suffering

61. A Short Discourse on Constantiation & Inconstantiation

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Millettarian Social Teaching is the rubral for the second discourse of the Nonodoxy, the ninth disquisition of the Omnidoxy. It is classified as a hyperdiscourse and is the only discourse to include subdiscourses in the original Cometanic edition of the Omnidoxy. It also includes one of few subrubrals within the Omnidoxy known as The Five Rectitudes.

The Five Rectitudes


Science & Philosophy

Union of Diversity


Clarity of Identiture

The Troubles of Humanity