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Millettarian philosophy, also known as the Millettarian philosophical tradition, Millettic philosophy, Millettarian thought, and the Millettic school, is that which encompasses the entirety of Millettarian contributions to wider philosophy as well as forming the basis for different Millettarian philosophies to exist within, such as Millettism, Millettarianism, and many others.

Millettarian Philosophy, as a term, includes all aspects of every system of thought, philosophy, ideology, or methodised inquiry that are either conducted by Millettarians themselves, Millettarian-like individuals and groups, or conducted in the name or character of the Millettarian philosophical tradition and methodology of inquiry.

Millettarian Philosophy therefore refers to something wider than The Philosophy of Millettism itself which refers only to a philosophy within the broader philosophical tradition, despite Millettism being the main contributor to what can be deemed as Millettarian in character in a context of philosophy.

It remains important to distinguish the differences in meaning between when Millettarian Philosophy and the Millettarian philosophical tradition are used, and when such terms as the Millettarian Tradition, The Philosophy of Millettism, and Millettism are used, the differences between the three latter terms mentioned are also taken into contemplation within Millettarian metaphilosophical and terminological inquiry.