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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Minorance, or a minor figure of Astronism, is a classification of the figures of Astronism denoting a person that has made indirect or generally non-specified contributions to the religion having been close to or in frequent contact with its founder, Cometan.

Minor figures are generally further divided according to era, for example Mai Kaijian is classified as a minor figure during The Founding of Astronism. Unlike founding figures and prominent figures as well as some coportant figures, minor figures are not provided with their religious mononyms.

Persons that are classified as minor figures across two or more different eras are often referred to as multicontributors.

List of the minor figures of Astronism

Below is a list of the minor figures of Astronism providing their date of birth, the era during which they are classified as a minor figure and a brief note regarding their contributions.