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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Motionalism, also known as motionality, or the motional nature of Astronism, refers to a fundamental principle and characteristic of Astronism formulated by Cometan that the beliefs and concepts central to the organised philosophy will not only inevitably change with the progression and future of humanity, but that these changes should be encouraged. This is rooted in the belief that through the changes that will occur to Astronism during its history, will subsequently develop a great diversity of thought, discussion, and belief. Motionalism remains in close association with the principles within the Philosophical Spirit, as well as those regarding the elasticity of Astronism.

The motionalist understanding of Astronism describes the philosophy as being in a constant linear progression in parallel to the progressions made by humanity in the spheres of technology, science, industrial development, as well as the religious/spiritual movements that will inevitably arise alongside Astronism's own development.